Young Drummers

Next session: Saturday 10-10:45am – January 7th – March 4th ( excluding February 18th )

Students will explore rhythm and pitch by using a variety of simple instruments. Mainly hand drums, Floor drums, Shakers, sticks, bells. Students will learn about rhythm, pitch and dynamics by having fun drumming, playing, and singing together. Students will learn the basics of reading notes and rhythms and be exposed to all sorts of music from around the world.

Kids who start learning music at an early age of their lives have the potential to enhance their power of concentration. In this way, they perform better at school due to their improved reading ability acquired at a younger age, which also leads to a boosted confidence and healthy self-esteem throughout their developing years.

This class is meant for kids who are looking for a good introduction to music classes or to reinforce and build on what would be taught in the first few years at school. Foster a love for music and build some of the basic skills that are essential for all musicians.

The ideal age range would be 4-9 years old.

Tuition is $120 / 8 week session. Classes are held weekly and are 45 minutes long. There will be a maximum of 5 students per class.